Why Do I Have Ants in My Home? How Do I Get Rid of Ants?

Ants pests have a population of more than 10 billion. Ants can be seen everywhere in homes and other properties. But are ants harmful? Ants do not directly cause any damage to health. But they do come with certain consequences. Firstly, ant bites are very painful. Hence, this can be a threat to good health. Secondly, they contaminate the food. This can even lead to problems like food poisoning. Hence, we have come to an understanding that ants are not welcomed for a reason. And it is necessary to get rid of them on time. Therefore, this is possible with proper knowledge and precautions. Here are answers to ant pest questions like – how do I get rid of ants? 

What Attracts Ant Pests To Homes? 

  • No Proper Storage of Food

The food source is the main attraction for ants. The pantry area is the favourite place for them to attack. Even if one single food crumb is left on the floor – it can lead to the start of an ant infestation. Therefore, all foods must be stored properly. Use air-tight containers for grains and other food items. Make sure all the cooked food is covered properly. The fruits are not kept in an open environment. Moreover, your kitchen should be cleaned regularly. And no food crumbs should be left. These small changes will keep the ants away from your kitchen and home.

  • Unclean Kitchen Areas

The kitchen should be the cleanest area in the house. Firstly, unclean kitchens are the number one reason for ant infestation. Just cleaning the area with water is not a solution. Using proper cleaning solutions is necessary. Secondly, always sanitize the kitchen after cleaning. And use repellents as well. 

  • The Available Source of Water 

Ants are always in the search for food and water. They are constantly hunting for available water sources. Hence, stagnant water in homes attracts ants. Kitchens, gardens and bathrooms are the main areas for water availability. Always check for standing water in your house. Pay good attention to buckets, sinks, drainage and garden pots. Moreover, fix any leaky pipes or faucets on time. Importantly, you can use a dehumidifier as well. This will keep your home moisture-free. 

  • Free Availability of Shelter 

Another important source of attraction is shelter. Ant colonies need some shelter near their nest or particularly near food. They can enter your homes through any cracks. Even small open holes are enough for them. Hence, the only way to prevent this is to seal all entry points. Always check for holes and cracks in walls. The same goes for windows and doors. 

How Do I Get Rid of Ant Infestation at Home? 

Are ants constant trouble for you? And are constantly questioning – how do I get rid of ants? Here are some useful measures you can take. Mainly there are two ways to deal with any pest infestation. This includes natural methods and seeking professional help. 

  • Using Home Available Ingredients

There are many natural repellents for ants. Fortunately, these are available in almost every home. Ingredients like – cayenne pepper, lemons, peppermint, tea tree oil, eucalyptus and vinegar are useful. You can make solutions for these oils and spices. And use them as ant repellents in your home. White vinegar is the best way to make solutions. For example, you can make a solution using peppermint and water or peppermint and vinegar. Spray this in every corner of your house. And also in the outdoor areas. This will keep your house safe from bacteria. As well as keep all types of pests away from your home.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

It is a silica substance used to treat pest infestations. Firstly, it is easily available. It kills ants and other pests. Secondly, this is done by absorbing the oils from the ants. Hence, the ants are dried out completely. And can be discarded using gloves. You can get diatomaceous earth in powder form. And sprinkle in areas you suspect of an ant infestation. 

  • Call for Professional Help

Natural methods help in removing ants temporarily. But if you are looking for a permanent solution – professional pest control is the answer. The pest control team is well trained. And they use effective repellents and insecticides. This saves time and damage to your property. Hence, you must call a professional once every 6 months. They will perform the ant pest inspection. As well as treat them in no time. Therefore, call a professional pest control service for the best results. 


Ant pests are a problem in every home. It is unhygienic and causes disturbances as well. Moreover, fire ants tend to bite humans. It is not safe for your kids and pests. Hence, it is important to get rid of ants completely. And keep taking measures to prevent them from entering your homes. Invest in ant pest solutions today. And experience pest-free homes in no time. Therefore, use these effective methods for the best results.