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When it comes to mosquito control in Paddington, you have no other better option than Pest Control Paddington. Our mosquito control Paddington services are one of the top-rated services which help to maintain our huge customer base. Mosquito bites are very painful and they are the carriers of some severe diseases as well, thus it is better to get rid of them. 

Mosquito extermination requires a lot of effort and experience for which you can call us. Dial 07 2000 4292 and get the best mosquito control services from our professionals in Paddington.

Get In Touch With Us For Mosquito Control In Commercial And Residential Areas

With the experience and knowledge of our mosquito control Paddington team, we are able to serve all commercial and residential properties. Because of the difference in the area covered the method of mosquito control will also be different for both the areas. Our different take on both the properties is given below:

Residential Mosquito Control

The residential areas include places such as homes, farmhouses, colony parks, residential societies, etc. the various measures that we take for our residential clients are:

  • Residential areas are comparatively small thus the mosquito pest control service takes less time.
  • Most properties are the same in structure thus the methods that we use are also the same.
  • Our residential mosquito services are more consistent.
  • You can book our service according to your convenience as in the morning before going to your job or after your job i.e in the evening.

Therefore give a call for our residential mosquito control service Paddington.

Commercial Mosquito Control

Commercial areas include restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, movie theatres, etc. our take on commercial properties is as follows:

  • Our mosquito control Paddington team is experienced in providing custom solutions to your commercial properties.
  • Commercial areas are large and thus require a large team, thus we are easily able to serve.
  • Our mosquito control method for a commercial area moves quickly as we understand the fact that a business can not be haltered for so long.
  • It becomes more important for the commercial areas to get mosquito control as an infestation can disturb their business and distract their customers to visit other options in the market.

How Mosquito Bites Are Harmful To Humans?

Mosquito bites are not only painful but can also cause some serious diseases to you. The various harmful effects of mosquito bites are:

  • Mosquitoes are known to spread one of the most dangerous diseases which is dengue. In this, the RBC keeps dropping rapidly.
  • Another virus is ross rive which mosquitoes spread that causes fatigue, muscle ache, pain and inflammation.
  • Mosquitoes transmit the Murray valley virus which causes swelling in the brain. Later if not treated on time can turn into brain damage or even death. 
  • Another virus is the forest virus. The symptoms of this are fatigue, joint pain and fever and it takes up to six months to fully recover from this.

Our Effective Mosquito Control Method

There is a whole method that our mosquito control team uses for effective results. The method includes the following steps:

  • Thorough Inspection

When it comes to effective results then inspection is a must. Thus our team assess your place thoroughly and provide a custom solution that would b best for the current situation of the infestation.

  • Removal of Mosquitoes

During this step, we will be using the custom method to exterminate the mosquitoes out of your place. This step may include steps like the use of pesticide and insecticidal spray, fumigation, etc.

  • Preventive Steps

At last, our team will guide you about the preventive measures that you should keep in mind to avoid an infestation in future. The various preventive measures include:

  • Do not let any situation of still water in your home take place.
  • Always keep your food covered with a lid.
  • Clean your pool regularly.
  • Always dispose of your waste properly, and don’t litter.

Therefore for affordable Paddington mosquito control hire us.

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If you search for mosquito control in Paddington you will find our company in all the main locations. Our team of locals are available to serve you Paddington-wide. Thus give us a call at our toll-free number to avail our reliable and affordable services. Also, you can hire us for our emergency mosquito control in Paddington.


Q. Can I stay at my home during the treatment?

Yes, you can stay at your home. But if the infestation is serious then it will require heavy treatment for which our team will guide you to step out for some time.

Q. Do you take appointments for the weekends?

Yes, we take booking for the weekends and public holidays as well.

Q. Are your professionals licensed?

Yes, our team is fully certified and licensed to conduct the mosquito control process in your place.

Mosquito Control Paddington
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