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Fleas don’t harm humans but their main target is pet dogs and cats. If you are a pet owner then you can experience flea infestation in your house. Thus you can hire Pest Control Paddington for effective flea control in Paddington. Our flea control Paddington team are one of the top-rated team of experts in Paddington.

Flea bites can be very itchy and leave a red bump on your skin. Thus, if you see them around your house then you can contact us at 07 2000 4292. Avail of our top-class flea pest control services on your Paddington property now!

Flea Identifying Ways

There are various ways that indicate that fleas are present in your house. The helping signs for flea identification are:

  • Symptoms Of Flea Bite

Fleas are not easy to see usually because of their small size. You have to look for various signs such as:

  • Small insects hopping around your house.
  • Check your curtains and carpets for small creatures.
  • Your pet scratches more and is in discomfort.
  • The fur of your pet sheds more than usual.
  • Physical Feature Of Fleas

Fleas as compared to other insects like crickets are very small in size and are dark brown in colour. They are between 0.1cm to 0.32cm in size. Fleas don’t have any wings instead have long thin legs that help them to hop places. These are common to find in tropical and polar regions.

  • Cat Flea

Cat fleas are the most domestic type of fleas. These are brownish-black in colour and have antennas. These are common to find on the skin of your cats or kittens. Thus you can call for our cat flea treatments in Paddington.

  • Human Flea

Human fleas don’t really live on humans as cat or dog fleas do. They usually bite humans on their feet or ankles by jumping from an infected pet. Thus they can only harm humans when they are present on their pet’s skin. Thus get in touch with us for our reliable flea treatment.

  • Dog Flea

Dog fleas are the ones that live on your pet dogs and feed on their blood. They usually bite around the armpit or in the fold of joints. So, contact us for our dog flea treatment in Paddington when you see your dog either scratching or licking its skin.

Preventive Measures To Adopt If You See Fleas Around You

If you see fleas around you or f your neighbourhood is prone to fleas then you should follow the following preventive measure to avoid their infestation on your property:

  • Always keep your place clean and hygienic
  • Seal all the small cracks that may lead to the entry of fleas into your house
  • Make sure to give your pets a nice bath regularly
  • Clean regularly the bed or the house of your pets 
  • Use a flea comb for your pets
  • Go for a professional team for proper inspection and extermination

Our Effective Flea Control Method

Flea control is not that easy, it requires a whole process to follow for their extermination. The effective process that our flea control Paddington team uses are:

  • Initial Inspection

Firstly our team will start with a proper inspection of the whole property. Depending on all the findings from the inspection we choose an appropriate method for extermination. 

  • Eradication Process

Then our flea exterminator will conduct the eradication process in all the affected areas. This includes the use of insecticides, pesticides, flea fumigation, etc. Afterwards, our team will seal all the entry and exit points in your home.

  • Follow-Up

At last, our team will do a final check to make sure the process has been conducted properly. Also, we will guide you about the further measures you need to take to avoid an infestation in future.

Contact Us For Same Day Flea Control In Paddington

You can call for our flea treatment for home service on the same day as well. Our team of locals will reach you within 24 hours of your appointment time. Our flea control Paddington team is fully certified and is equipped with the latest tools and technology. Thus during the times of emergency, our team will conduct the whole process very quickly saving you some time as well. So, feel free to call us at our toll-free number.


Q. Is it possible for me to stay during the process?

The chemical pesticides take up to 40-60 minutes to dry. For that period of time, we suggest you stay out of your home. After that, you can continue with your daily household activities normally.

Q. How frequently do I need to do pest control?

If your house is prone to flea infestation then we suggest getting pest control every 4-6 months. 

Q. What location do you serve in Paddington?

We provide our flea control service in all the prime and other locations covering the whole of Paddington.

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