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Pest Control Paddington is a certified and local pest control company. We offer a wide range of bee and wasp removal services in Paddington. Our skilled bee pest control team does not kill the bees instead we relocate them using the safest method. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic methods to remove the bees and wasps. Besides, we are available to render our high-quality service on the same day. Our local team of bee and wasp removal Paddington holds 20 years of rich experience. So, we perform the bee nest removal with perfection. We will be there at your service on a single call at 07 2000 4292

We Remove All Types Of Bees And Wasps

Our expert team can handle any kind of bee and wasp infestation situation. Besides, we can treat all kinds of bees and wasps, giving you the highest standards of service. Our professional bee and wasp Removal Paddington team is specialist in removing the below-given species: 

  • Honey Bees: The honey bee is common in Australia-wide. They are hairy and honey brown insects in appearance. Moreover, they love to live in large size colonies of 50,000 individuals. Also, honey bees can attack or sting you if their hives get disturbed. So, if you have a honey bee infestation on your property, then call our bee collector and get rid of it thoroughly. 
  • Bumble Bees: If you are noticing yellow and black striped buzzing bees around your home, then you can be sure that your place has a bumble bee infestation. You can mostly find them under porches or in old rodent burrows. We will quickly do the inspection and our expert team will use the best method for removing bees from the house.
  • Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees also look like bumble bees. You can identify with the shiny and black abdomen. Moreover, carpenter bees are mostly solitary and damage woods by boring tunnels. So if you are noticing signs of Carpenter bees in your home, then call our professional bee exterminator.
  • YellowJackets: These are the most harmful and aggressive wasps. They sting humans a lot and they do not lose their stingers after one sting. The yellow jacket has a shiny yellow and black abdomen. Moreover, they are up to 3,000 wasps present in their nest. To get rid of these dangerous wasps, hire our professional bee extraction service.
  • Paper Wasps: Paper wasps are one of the most common species we come across in Paddington. As their nests look like umbrellas, they are also called umbrella wasps. There are various types of paper ways including European paper ways, northern paper wasps, and many more but do not worry we can treat any kind of paper wasps inspection.
  • Hornets: If you have discovered bald-faced wasps in or around your place, then call us. The Hornets are actually a large species of yellow jackets. They are ¾ inch long and are long black and white in colour. We safely carry out the hornet wasp nest removal job in Paddington.

How Do We Follow Our Bees And Wasp Removal Procedure?

We keep on giving our team proper training to carry out the bees and wasp removal with safety and perfection. Besides, our clients trust us for bee and wasp management as we always give them the quality service. Our bee removalist team follows the below-given steps to get rid of bees and wasps on your property: 

  • Inspection nest and hives: In our step, we always do the inspection to know the type of species and to plan the treatment accordingly.
  • Removal Of Bees And Wasps Around: Later we will remove the bees and waps which are buzzing around your property.
  • Nests And Bees Removal: To remove the nest and bees, our team will either apply chemical treatment or non-chemical treatment. Moreover, we will make sure there is no harm caused to you or your loved ones while we perform the bee hive or wasp nest removal.
  • Destroy The Nests If Needed: We have an ex[ert team to destroy the nests. Besides, we only damage the nests if there is a need for them. 
  • Post Inspection: In the end, our bee and wasp removal Paddington team will do a thorough inspection to make sure there is no bee or wasp left on your property. 

What Is The Process Of Bees Building Their Hives And Wasps Their Nest?

Honey bees build their hive in hollow trees and rock crevices. The bees chew the wax to make it soft. Later, in a honeycomb, they bond wax in large quantities. Whereas, to build a nest, the queen wasps play an important role. The queen uses her jaws, she scrapes the wood fibre. Later, using the wood product and along with her saliva, she tears the wood. The process is followed until it becomes the soft paper pulps. In the end, she will start building their nest on the particular chosen building. 

Get Same Day Bees And Wasp Control Service In Paddington

Need same-day bees and wasp removal service, then you are at the right place. We are quick bee control services in Paddington. Besides, with the help of our local team, we will be there at your place in a few hours of your call. Our team of bee and wasp removal Paddington understands the urgency of getting rid of these harmful creatures, we work round the clock to help you out. Moreover, we offer our emergency or same-day service at regular prices. So, call us now to remove the bees and wasp infestation in your place today. 


Can you remove bees from the house wall?

We have a highly skilled team that can remove the bees and wasp infestation in all the areas of your home. Besides, we can treat bees both outside and inside of the house. 

What is your wasp removal cost in Paddington?

We provide a budget-friendly wasp removal service in Paddington. Besides, we can tell you the exact price after knowing a few details including the size of the infestation and the conditions. Call us to get the right quotation. 

How should I book your service?

To book our service call us on our toll-free number. The other option is filling out the contact us form. Our team will soon call you to confirm the booking. 

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