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Are you looking for moth control in house? Then you don’t need to worry; just hire experts at Pest Control Paddington. Our moth control Paddington experts are trained and certified to conduct moth control on your property. Moths don’t harm us in terms of spreading any diseases. Instead, they create a lot of nuisance and discomfort.

If you also witness moths in your house, that are disturbing during your deep sleep at night then call us at 07 2000 4292. We also provide you with the most affordable moth pest control cost in Paddington.

Infestation Signs Of Pantry And Clothes Moths

Moths are so good at hiding that their infestation is hard to detect. These get active during the night and create havoc. The various signs to identify a pantry or cloth moth infestation in your house are:

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths as the name define attack your pantry. That means they prefer the places having some kind of food source. Thus if your house is infested by pantry moths then you may witness the following signs:

  • You may see holes in your packets of food.
  • There will be flying moths around your place.
  • Check for web-like material around the corners of your kitchen.
  • If there is a female moth then you may see eggs or larvae of moths around the pantry or kitchen.

If you experience any of the given points in your home then hire the experts for pantry moth extermination.

Clothes Moths

These types of moths attack your wardrobe and clothes. These are common to find in your storage room full of clothes and less human activity. They get attracted to clothes having silk-like material. Therefore look for the following points to identify a cloth infestation in your house:

  • You may see holes in your unused or packed clothes.
  • Tunnels on your clothes having wool is a very common sign.
  • You may witness rusty deposits on clothes and curtains.
  • Also, flying moths are a very easy sign to identify the infestation. 

Therefore if you happen to see any of the given situations then you should go for carpet moth extermination. As clothes moths also damage your carpets as well.

Are Moths Dangerous?

When it comes to danger in respect of your health then moths are not that dangerous. But they can be very disturbing and can damage your belongings. The various points that state the extent of their nuisance are:

  • Moths can damage your silk carpets and ruin their look.
  • The hairs in the caterpillar stage of a moth can trigger asthma attacks. Therefore moth caterpillar control is what we suggest.
  • Moth droppings can contaminate your food without your knowledge.
  • If your carpets and clothes have moth infestation then you may experience skin allergies frequently.
  • And white moths are known to destroy your crops and even plants present in your lawn.

Our Effective Moth Control Process We Use In Paddington

For effective results, our moth control Paddington team uses a whole process. This process includes three major steps that are given below:

  • Initial Assessment

A good inspection helps to get the best results. Therefore, our pest control carpet moths team starts with a thorough inspection of your whole property. After finding out the reason for the infestation we make a custom method to treat the infestation in your house.

  • The Eradication

In this step, we contact the custom method of extermination in your home. This may include methods that are either chemical or non-chemical. Chemical methods include the use of insecticides and pesticides. And non-chemical method includes fumigation.

  • Final Check-up

During this step, our moth control Paddington team will check your whole place for one last time to make sure there is no area left untreated. Also, we pay you a visit after some time of the treatment if there is any requirement for another round of inspection.

Choose Pest Control Paddington For The Best Moth Control

  • Team Of Locals

Our moth control team have all the residents. Thus we can reach your place in no time in case of emergencies.

  • Option Of Follow-up Treatment

If you want a follow-up visit our team is also available for that and we can visit within 7 days of the treatment.

  • Emergency Appointments Available

We also take emergency appointments. For which our team reach your place within an hour or so. Also, our emergency moth exterminator cost is also affordable.

  • 24/7 Appointment Booking

Whether it is a cabbage moth control or winter moth control, we take our team is available 24 by 7 for our customers’ queries and for booking an appointment.


What kind of food attracts clothes moths?

Grains, cereal, bread, cocoa powder and coffee attract moths. Thus try keeping these in an airtight container or keep them in a dry place.

Can moths damage my cotton clothes?

Yes, moths can ruin clothes that are of cotton, silk, and linen materials. Thus always keep an eye on these materials of clothes.

Do moths only infest areas around a food source?

Not only food items moths can infest clothes, carpets, closets and dark areas of your house. Thus keep these areas always clean, and regularly check on the unused areas of your home like the basement and attic.

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